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Picking Proper Soccer Shoes

Picking Proper Soccer Shoes

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of soccer shoes, the task can seem a lot more overwhelming than you might expect. Do you want a leather or synthetic boot? Are you looking for turf shoes, outdoor cleats, or indoor shoes? Maybe your poor choice of footwear has gotten you kicked off the field by one of our refs. This blog will provide you with the information you need to pick out the best possible shoe for your upcoming season. It will also prevent you from having to borrow another pair of torn-up, over-sized shoes from our lost and found.

Leather vs Synthetic

Bright synthetic shoes with flashy patterns might be easier to find these days, but they’re not necessarily the best for your game. Yes, leather shoes will typically cost you a little bit more dough, but they’re usually worth the extra change. Leather shoes will mould and stretch to fit your foot more comfortably. The leather is a thicker material that provides more protection for your foot and is built to last longer. The downside to the leather is that it’s much more absorbent and can weight your foot down in wet conditions and can also be more difficult to clean.

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